RITV Rules

Tournament will be played by USL 2020 Women’s rules.


It will be at the game official’s discretion to determine the suitability and proper use of player equipment including the wearing of orthopedic cast or hard brace. Mouth guards and eye protection are mandatory, per USL rules. Coaches must certify their team’s equipment prior to the tournament.


Coaches shall have, at all times, total responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes, their team’s spectators and any other persons affiliated with their team. Coaching from the sideline (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided:

  • Each coach or substitute remains on their half of the playing field sideline between the substitution area and the restraining line.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator shall use profanity, make derogatory remarks, intimidating actions or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators;
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator will be permitted to engage in or incite, disruptive behavior of any kind.
  • Game officials shall have complete discretion and authority to eject any coach, player, substitute or spectator identified as being in violation of these rules.


A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game shall be ejected from that game by the game officials, and her team shall play the remainder of that game with only 4 field players.

If player violations are proven to be flagrant, the player may be expelled from the tournament, at the discretion of the game officials and Tournament Directors.

A coach accumulating two yellow card violations during the tournament shall be expelled from the remainder of the tournament.

Should a player or coach receive a Red Card, the game officials and Tournament Directors will review the circumstances of that violation, and make a determination regarding that player or coach participating further in the tournament.


Hazardous conditions will be indicated with 3 long blasts of an air horn to signal that all fields must be cleared. If lightning causes a stoppage in play, all teams should report to their cars, or under cover away from the playing fields. Games are official after 1-half of play. Game-lengths may be modified if make-up games are deemed necessary. Play will resume following one long, loud blast by the air horn.


Delays of game due to injury may result in shortened game times. All games must end 3 minutes prior to the next scheduled game on that field.


If, in the opinion of game officials, the game must be suspended for any reason, the game may resume but could be shortened. Each game shall end no less than five minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game.

If, in the opinion of the game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench coaches, or spectators, the offending team could be suspended from further play and will forfeit that game.  Any such incident shall be reported immediately to a Tournament Director, who will then make a determination regarding further participation in the event for the offending team. Any such determination shall be final, binding, and not subject to appeal of any kind. If an offending team is disallowed from further participation in the event no refund shall be given.

6 V 6 RULES:

  • 5 field players, 1 goalie (goalie may play on multiple teams in a single age division)
  • 12 minute running clock per half
  • 3 minute halftime
  • 3 minute warm-up
  • First half starts with draw; 2nd half losing team awarded possession; 2nd half starts with a draw if the score is tied
  • US Lacrosse rules for game play
  • Quick clears after all goals
  • Each team permitted one :30 timeout per game
  • No timeouts in final 2 minutes of half or game
  • Score kept by sideline scorekeepers – scores are final
  • Time kept on central horn
  • Games must complete one half of play to be “official”
  • Subs on the fly permitted
  • Games and halves may not end on a defensive penalty or penalty set-up inside the CSA (major or minor). Game officials will set up the foul and add three seconds to the clock. As scoring is used as a tie-breaker, even if the game has been decided (more than one goal difference) we will play the 3 additional seconds the free position. During the 3-seconds, regular game rules exist, including the potential for another defensive foul, passes, a shot, or a goal.


All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Directors or his/her designee and the decision will be final.


Win = 5 points

Tie = 3 points

Loss = 0 points

Tie Breakers considered for Tournament seeding:  1) Goals against; 2) Goal differential; 3) Goals scored; 4) Head to head competition; 5) Coin toss.  There is a maximum +8 per game for goal differential for purposes of this tiebreaker structure.


After round robin play, the teams will be seeded for Tournament Play and face teams from other brackets in a single-elimination tournament. Individual team seeding is determined by cumulative points earned during the event. Tournament Play games ending in ties will be determined in an overtime period with no clock, full team, sudden-victory format.  The overtime shall begin with a draw, and the first team to score wins the game.


Kameron Besson

Adam Fraley


Michael Hannah